Next Week Today (6/20 – 6/26)

Next Week Today is a selection of our picks from the upcoming week’s events, published every Sunday at 11 a.m. We’ll give you juuuuuust enough detail to whet your whistle, and then let you do the digging. In other words, these are the events we recommend giving a second, perhaps even third glance as you wend your way along the path to entertainment.

A little bit of a lighter load this week after last week’s marathon, which I suppose is a good thing when it’s so dang hot outside. Still lots to look at though, so dig in.


Mt. Joy with Madison Cunningham (Avondale Brewing Company, 7 p.m.) — Psych-folk act Mt. Joy are touring behind their pandemic-produced album Orange Blood, a dynamic record that spins a more positive outlook than their earlier work. Ain’t it funny how humans often respond to strife with a joyful noise? Also, stop by Seasick Records for an in-store signing with Mt. Joy from 12:00-1:30 p.m.


Melvins | Helms Alee, Harshmellow (Saturn, 8 p.m.) — You should know the Melvins, but even if you don’t, you do. They were the proto-band for all of those ’90s grungers you love. This tour (officially called the “Electric Roach Tour”) is their first since 2019, but they’ve been busy in the interim, producing two records in 2021, including Five Legged Dog, a 36-song acoustic album (!!!).

Riverdance 25th Anniversary Show (BJCC, 7:30 p.m.) — Riverdance is back! Actually, it never really left us, since it’s been in constant production somewhere in the world since it’s mid-’90s heyday. The 25th anniversary show has the same Grammy Award-winning score as the original one, but with a fresh cast and choreography.


Field of Dreams (1989) (Sidewalk Film Center and Cinema, 4:30 p.m.) — Catch this last showing of the best baseball movie of all time. Do it to see Ray Liotta (RIP) in one of his most iconic roles. Do it for the cranky charisma of James Earl Jones. Do it with your dad. You know he wants to. Just do it.

Inside Voices / KinZie / Carpool Kids (The Firehouse Community Arts Center, 8 p.m.) — Louisiana alt-rock band Inside Voices are fairly boistrous for a band with that name, and they’re bringing their mathy tunes to the Ham to share the stage with local jazz-punks KinZie and also-local alt-rockers Carpool Kids (whose new album All Shook Up drops today).


The Stepdads (Zydeco, 9 p.m.) — First up in Zydeco’s Fam Jam Summer Concert Series, The Stepdads are some good ol’ boys pickin’, strummin’ and bowin’ a string or six. Laidback vibes abound, so bring your relax.


CahaBAZAAR Vendor Market (Cahaba Brewing Company, 12 p.m.) — CahaBAZAAR is back for its eighth iteration, and this go-round there will be live music (Conner Patrick and Steel City Jug Slammers), four food trucks and over 70 vendors to browse your way through. Also, free massages!

Keeps, Juco and Trooper (Avondale Brewing Company), 7 p.m.) — Avondale Brewing Company is bringing a trio of bands to their upstairs indoor venue: Nashvillian indie-rock outfit Keeps will join Bhamsters Juco and Trooper. It’s a mid-sized room, so grab space while it lasts.

El-Amin with Swanglish & Bekah Marie Band (The Nick), 10 p.m.) — Georgia-based group El-Amin (which means “trustworthy” in Arabic) return to The Nick. They self-describe as “reggae rock funk fusion,” and there are tinges of similar melds from the past. Say, do I hear hints of 311 creeping around in the vibe? Yup, yup I do.

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