Remember the great events calendars that Birmingham’s alt-weekly newspapers like Black & White and Birmingham Weekly used to provide to help promote and expose local happenings and talent? Those clear and comprehensive calendars are one of the biggest things Birmingham event creators and patrons have lost since those papers largely went online or ceased to exist. 

Back then, we could just pick up a Black & White and quickly see who was playing at all the relevant venues, what larger concerts were in town, what art exhibits were showing and where, what food and wine events were happening, etc. There have been several good faith attempts to provide this type of quick yet comprehensive calendar in the interim but none has ever reached the reliability and coverage of old. This is where BHMSTR comes in.

BHMSTR (pronounced Bee-Hamster) is a FREE online arts/entertainment/events calendar created by former Birmingham Weekly Editor-in-Chief and current Solamar Agency CEO Sam George and managed by a team of folks with years of experience as both artists and event creators. Our goal is to provide a platform to quickly, easily and thoroughly get people all the information they need when it comes to Birmingham events, without a lot of guff getting in the way.

And now…Bee Hamsters!