Next Week Today (8/8 – 8/14)

Next Week Today is a selection of our picks from the upcoming week’s events, published every Sunday at 11 a.m. We’ll give you juuuuuust enough detail to whet your whistle, and then let you do the digging. In other words, these are the events we recommend giving a second, perhaps even third glance as you wend your way along the path to entertainment.

Still plenty of music in this week’s round-up, but we’ve also got lube wrestling, literacy fundraising and gallery receptions, so color us culturally cosmopolitan!

MONDAYAugust 8

Pinegrove / Sinai Vessel / Poise (Saturn, 8 p.m.) — Since the last time New Jersey-based indie-rock outfit Pinegrove hit stages on tour, they’ve been through a bit of a crucible. Following the accusations of inappropriate conduct by a crew member against lead singer Evan Stephens Hall, they took a year off while he went to therapy and made amends. Since that hiatus was also filled with the general collapse of the entire world, the resulting album (2022’s 11:11) is both an inwardly pointing introspection of one person’s emotional journey and an outwardly focused exploration of our own collective misery. It turns out that’s what we’ve basically all been going through in one way or another lately, and it makes 11:11 surprisingly on-the-nose.


Coin: Uncanny Valley Tour with Blackstarkids (Avondale Brewing Company, 7:30 p.m.) — Nashville trio COIN are touring on the release of their third (and by far the best) album Uncanny Valley, which has one of my favorite album covers of the year. Stand-out track “Chapstick” hits all the right summer-song notes and has become a go-to jam.


The Goodbye Show: Ft. Black Plastique, Mel. Crozby, Linnil, + Erthling. (Avondale Brewing Company, 7 p.m.) — It’s not really clear what or who we are saying goodbye to here, but what is clear is that this show has some of Birmingham’s best hip-hop artists in the lineup, so let’s gooooo!

The Dreaded Laramie / Arlen Gun Club / The Old World Underground / Odd Polly (Saturn, 8 p.m.) — This is Kentucky indie-rock band The Dreaded Laramie’s second show at Saturn in less than a month, so if you caught them last time…then catch them again! They’re playing with an entirely different line-up backing them, and the whole shebang should be good times.

FRIDAYAugust 12

Alabama Triennial Closing Reception & Book Release Party (Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts, 6 p.m.) — The Alabama Triennial is a once-every-three-years exhibition celebrating the vibrant fine art being produced by Alabama artists. If you’re interested, you ought to check out our recent feature on the inaugural event, and then head down to this final reception.

Books, Bands and Brews (Avondale Brewing Company, 7 p.m.) — What could be better than catching some tunes, laughing at some jokes and downing some brews while making it easier for folks to read by supporting the Literacy Council of Central Alabama. Especially when the tunes in question are provided by excellent Nashville-based band The Prescriptions and Birmingham icon Taylor Hollingsworth.


Mason Music Fest (Avondale Brewing Company, 3 p.m.) — Come celebrate 10 years of teaching kids how to play music at this family-oriented music festival featuring both national and local acts in the lineup, including Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors and The Brook & The Bluff.

Drag Night Lube Wrestling (The Nick, 9 p.m.) — The Nick’s regular Drag Night is getting a special edition, with honest-to-goodness LUBE WRESTLING! It’s gonna get messy folks, in the best possible way. You know you want to come out and watch the slip and slide commence.

SUNDAYAugust 14

KinZie, Camacho, & Genki Genki Panic (Saturn, 5 p.m.) — Just some good ol’ local rock and roll to close out your weekend. Guitars. Drums. Bass. Rinse. Repeat.

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