Sam George in the Magic City

Welcome to BHMSTR

Hi there, fellow Bhamsters. So glad you decided to check out this place we’ve made for you. We’d love it if you took a look, poked around a bit.

What’s your deal?

Our primary goal is to provide a comprehensive calendar of events happening in the Magic City (that’s Birmingham for any out-of-town visitors). We want you to be able to get a full picture of the day’s happenings, as well as dial in to specific venues or categories of events. We’ve gathered event info from over 25 Birmingham venues and counting (as well as an additional 13 venues we’ve added just for our World Games calendar), and we’re not done adding venues yet.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make decisions about where and what you’re going to attend, and we’ve been lightning-focused on making the calendar quick and easy to parse. We love that you’re here, but what we really want is to get you from here to your destination, and fast.

Each of the events in our calendar link directly to the venue page from which we sourced the info about the event, passing you straight to the right place to take your next step, whether that be to purchase a ticket or learn more about what’s happening. We purposely keep the info in our calendars to a minimum, providing only what you need to know (Name, Date, Time, Venue and Category). The rest is a quick click away.

And if that’s not easy enough for you, subscribe to our events newsletters, and you can get a daily or weekly digest of events sent directly to your inbox.

Why do this?

For one, I personally have a little bit of a fixation with calendars. I’ve been producing events calendars for Birmingham in one way or another for much of the time since I moved here in 2008, and I really miss the one we used to make when I was editor at Birmingham Weekly.

It was the paper version of what we’re trying to make here, comprehensive, quick and easy to read, with just enough info to make a decision about where to go, and it was available most places you happened to be.

Plus, I found a really cool way to gather the event data that takes a fraction of the time it used to, and I just couldn’t not build a website to take advantage of it, it’s sort of what I do.

Sweet, can I help?

Of course! If you’d like to contribute to our community-focused endeavors, we’ll take whatever you’re able to gladly part with, whether by giving us a piece of your mind, grabbing some BHMSTR gear from the store, or just buying us a drink.

If you’re looking to promote your business or would like to give your event a more visual presence on the site, we have a number of highly visible ad placements available at reasonable rates, just drop us a line.

And if you’re an event or small business looking for branding, design, social or web help, Solamar Agency has got you covered, we’ve been helping folks communicate with their customers and audiences for over fifteen years.

Ok, bye for now, it’s been lovely chatting. Keep your eye on the news page for weekly picks and playlists, plus whatever other editorial us old newshounds decide to throw in your general direction.

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